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Seattle, WA

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AAF Seattle is the Western Washington chapter of the American Advertising Federation, serving Seattle's creative community through events, education and advocacy.



This is the pulse of AAF Seattle. What we’ve done, what we’re thinking about, what’s coming next. Tune in here for the latest scoop.

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Western Regional Conference Roundup

AAF Seattle Administrator

Your trusty board recently took Reno by storm in hopes to double our revenue and advertising brain power at the AAF Western Regional Conference. Now that they've all recovered from the whirlwind of experts, seminars, buffets and lounge singers, we asked them to share their thoughts and things they learned at the conference. 

AAF Seattle board and friends

AAF Seattle board and friends

Martin McGee, President

What I wanted to get out of this conference was to network with other clubs in the region to see what is and is not working for them. I want to get ideas to implement in Seattle and possibly provide ideas for other clubs to try.

My priorities coming out of this conference are around planning for the clubboth short and long term. While the club has goals identified for the current year, I would like to develop a multi-year strategic plan.

The ever photogenic Martin 

The ever photogenic Martin 

Mark Kurtz, Diversity & Multiculturalism

AAF Seattle is a force in the Western Region. We have the foundation in place to grow. The landscape of the term "advertising" is expanding to include many forms of marketing and we need to flexible in order to cater to the needs of our members.

This conference reinforced the responsibility we have as advertising and marketing professionals to elevate our work to the highest level. Numerous examples were given throughout the conference that rely on the many skill-sets that AAF Seattle represents—especially around creative storytelling and how to connect audiences to those key messages in a meaningful and relevant way. The collective work that our members produce has the ability to impact billions of people and this is a great industry to represent.

Mark puts his lucky charm to the test

Mark puts his lucky charm to the test

Charlotte Boutz, Vice President & Programs

I love to hear what other clubs are doing—both their success stories and their challenges. Each market is so different, so clubs approach serving their communities differently, but there’s still a lot to learn and share. 

The Reno team did a great job producing “bonus” content that was not directly related to the business of the organization, but helped open our minds and keep the energy level up. I was especially inspired by the team at Goodby Silverstein & Partners sharing the NBA Jingle Hoops campaign, and Jonathan Woytek from Pereira & O'Dell on the Skype Stay Together campaign. Beyond the concept development, which was incredibly powerful in both cases for different reasons, the creative problem solving that these teams pulled off throughout the production processes was jaw dropping. What a fun pair of reminders of why we’re in this business, and what it takes to tell a good story well.

Charlotte enjoys the Reno nightlife

Charlotte enjoys the Reno nightlife

Audrey Berglund, American Advertising Awards

I always look forward to networking with other ADDY chairs and figuring out best practices based on their experiences. It’s a great place to share ideas and gain support.

This conference served as a great kickstart to this year’s American Advertising Awards. I got a lot accomplished in the way of event timeline, budgeting and committee building. I definitely have a plan of attack moving forward and am set up to run effective committee meetings.

Audrey strikes up a convo with the locals

Audrey strikes up a convo with the locals

Cindy Pennington, Executive Director

I want our membership to know that your elected board desires to learn more about growing and promoting the advertising industry in Seattle. They want AAF Seattle not just be relevant to the agencies, but to the businesses, vendors and clients in the Seattle area.

Cindy takes in the sights

Cindy takes in the sights

Nik Amar, Advertising Education

I got some great ideas for programs from other clubs. It's a priority for me to work with the board to create greater, more bombastic membership drives, considering how essential membership is to the survival of our club.

Our club is large and diverse in membership and behavior. Members can take an active role in our club’s future through regular attendance and simply meeting and suggesting things to the board (not to mention volunteering).

Nik explores Reno's culture

Nik explores Reno's culture

Open Committee Positions

AAF Seattle Administrator

Believe it or not, your beloved club doesn't run on fairy glitter and sun beams. And even though your fearless board leaders put in a fair share of blood, sweat and ugly cry tears, they still couldn't make AAF Seattle operate without the help of volunteers. 

Whether you're looking to network, puff up your portfolio and resume, or fulfill your court ordered volunteer hours, we've got plenty of open spots to feed your ulterior motives. Bonus: you get to hang with the best dang ad folks this side of the Snoqualmie Pass.

Check out our positions and if you're interested, send us an email with the following:

  1. Your name
  2. Your job title
  3. The volunteer position you're inquiring about
  4. Qualifications or experience you may have that relate to the position

Communications Committee


Write snappy copy for event communications, blog posts, social media posts and other communication needs. Apply now

Art Designer

Design graphics and logos, and choose images for event communications. Layout newsletters and other advertisements. Apply now

Communications Liaison

Serve as the go-between of the Communications Director and the Seattle American Advertising Awards (ADDY) creative team. Determine and execute a communications plan for the awards show. Manage the communications schedule and advise on communication capabilities within the club. Position duration is September-March. Apply now


ADDYs Committee

Commitment: 2-3 meetings/week depending on action items. Meetings last 30 minutes-1 hour. Position duration is September-March depending on volunteer role.

Competition Committee Volunteer

Call for entries through judging. Will identify and target companies to enter competition, manage collection of entries, sort entries for judging and coordinate judging day, including laying out work to be judged. Apply now

Judging Coordinator

Help Judging Chair recruit some of the best creative minds in the US. Coordinate travel, lodging, dinners and social events. Apply now

Creative Director

Responsible for concepting theme carried out through communications, print and digital materials, and the show. Apply now

Awards Show Coordinator

Acts as a liaison between the venue and the committee, negotiates rentals and F&B. Apply now


Sponsorship Committee

Sponsor Liaison

Serve as the go-between of the Sponsorship Director and the Seattle American Advertising Awards (ADDY) committee. Pursue cash sponsors for food and beverages, as well as in-kind sponsors for wine, beer and liquor. Position duration is September-March. Apply now

Seeking Board Members

AAF Seattle Administrator

Each year at this time, our board goes through a transformation process as some directors move on to new challenges, and new faces arrive to take their place. We know who's leaving, but we need to find the brave souls who are ready to step up and do the job.

Our openings for the 2014-2015 board year include the following positions:

  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Membership
  • Communications
  • Government Relations
  • Education
  • Diversity

If you're interested, first read the position description, then fill out and submit your application before Monday, June 16th, when we'll review all submissions and contact interested parties.

About our board

Board Position Descriptions (.pdf)

Board Application (.dotx)

Nominations will be announced Friday, June 20th and submitted to AAF Seattle's membership for approval. A member-approved slate of directors will be announced to the public on Friday, June 27th.

ADmerica! 2014: Board Members Look Back

AAF Seattle Administrator

We sent a team of devoted board members to brave the sunshine, beaches and freezing conference rooms at the American Advertising Federation's national conference, ADmerica!, at the Boca Raton Resort & Club, May 28 - June 1.

We've asked them to recount their experiences from the trip. No conference or meeting recaps, just personal takeaways. We'll be adding their reports to this post as they come in.

Kirsten Martin, Sponsorship Chair:

ADmerica was a whirlwind – high energy, great contacts, and a chance to learn something new at every turn.

Best part of the weekend? It’s a tie between a wickedly entertaining (and informative) keynote by David “Shingy” Shing, AOL’s digital prophet, and the inspired efforts of student teams across the country reimagining the Mark Kay brand for millennials. Hobnobbing with industry and AAF leaders, and sharing in their work, at ADmerica has only reinforced my passion for what we do.

I left Boca Raton with a sunburn, a new appreciation for humidity, and a rash of new, far-flung professional relationships I’ll nurture in the years to come.

AAF Seattle board members (L-R) Audrey Berglund (ADDYs), Kirsten Martin (Sponsorship), and Renee Peterson (President)

AAF Seattle board members (L-R) Audrey Berglund (ADDYs), Kirsten Martin (Sponsorship), and Renee Peterson (President)

Martin McGee, Vice President & Treasurer

From the sessions on club management to networking with advertising professionals from around the country, the ADmerica! conference in Boca Raton, Florida, was once again an inspiring and informative experience.  As incoming President for AAF Seattle, I was particularly drawn to programming around improving club operations and how we can better serve our members, including developing and maintaining a strategic plan, a key factor to ongoing club success.

And, of course, it was great to see all of the award-winning advertising work, including several entries from Seattle, at the national American Advertising Awards Show.

AAF Seattle board members show their District XI spirit. (L-R) Audrey Berglund (ADDYs), Kirsten Martin (Sponsorship), Renee Peterson (President), Christine Gammill (District XI Governor), and Martin McGee (VP/Treasurer).

AAF Seattle board members show their District XI spirit. (L-R) Audrey Berglund (ADDYs), Kirsten Martin (Sponsorship), Renee Peterson (President), Christine Gammill (District XI Governor), and Martin McGee (VP/Treasurer).

Seattle Winners at the National ADDY Awards

AAF Seattle Administrator

Last night the national American Advertising Awards were held at the Boca Raton Resort & Club at AAF National's ADmerica conference, and Seattle represented in style.

Publicis Seattle took home two Gold and two Silver ADDY awards for their work on T-Mobile, as well as a Silver for their work on the Seattle Symphony. That's a haul.

Creature brought home two Silver awards for their work on DoubleDown Interactive.

The Seattle Wunderman Network won a Silver for their work on XBOX.

And Wongdoody won a Silver for their work on the Seattle International Film Festival.

All these winners were able to compete in the national show after winning at the local and district levels. This progressive competition is one of the things that makes the American Advertising Awards so unique, and so coveted.

It's truly an honor to win any award at the highest competitive level. We were proud to represent our city, AAF District 11, and the AAF Western Region in front of so many distinguished agencies.

Also of note, Seattle agencies Hydrogen and Admosis Media (an AAF Seattle corporate member) served as media partners for the event.

We'll share more stories from ADmerica this coming week. The complete national winners list can be found at the ADmerica winners page.