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Seattle, WA

(206) 249-9909

AAF Seattle is the Western Washington chapter of the American Advertising Federation, serving Seattle's creative community through events, education and advocacy.


This is the pulse of AAF Seattle. What we’ve done, what we’re thinking about, what’s coming next. Tune in here for the latest scoop.

Open Committee Positions

AAF Seattle Administrator

Believe it or not, your beloved club doesn't run on fairy glitter and sun beams. And even though your fearless board leaders put in a fair share of blood, sweat and ugly cry tears, they still couldn't make AAF Seattle operate without the help of volunteers. 

Whether you're looking to network, puff up your portfolio and resume, or fulfill your court ordered volunteer hours, we've got plenty of open spots to feed your ulterior motives. Bonus: you get to hang with the best dang ad folks this side of the Snoqualmie Pass.

Check out our positions and if you're interested, send us an email with the following:

  1. Your name
  2. Your job title
  3. The volunteer position you're inquiring about
  4. Qualifications or experience you may have that relate to the position

Communications Committee


Write snappy copy for event communications, blog posts, social media posts and other communication needs. Apply now

Art Designer

Design graphics and logos, and choose images for event communications. Layout newsletters and other advertisements. Apply now

Communications Liaison

Serve as the go-between of the Communications Director and the Seattle American Advertising Awards (ADDY) creative team. Determine and execute a communications plan for the awards show. Manage the communications schedule and advise on communication capabilities within the club. Position duration is September-March. Apply now


ADDYs Committee

Commitment: 2-3 meetings/week depending on action items. Meetings last 30 minutes-1 hour. Position duration is September-March depending on volunteer role.

Competition Committee Volunteer

Call for entries through judging. Will identify and target companies to enter competition, manage collection of entries, sort entries for judging and coordinate judging day, including laying out work to be judged. Apply now

Judging Coordinator

Help Judging Chair recruit some of the best creative minds in the US. Coordinate travel, lodging, dinners and social events. Apply now

Creative Director

Responsible for concepting theme carried out through communications, print and digital materials, and the show. Apply now

Awards Show Coordinator

Acts as a liaison between the venue and the committee, negotiates rentals and F&B. Apply now


Sponsorship Committee

Sponsor Liaison

Serve as the go-between of the Sponsorship Director and the Seattle American Advertising Awards (ADDY) committee. Pursue cash sponsors for food and beverages, as well as in-kind sponsors for wine, beer and liquor. Position duration is September-March. Apply now