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Seattle, WA

(206) 249-9909

AAF Seattle is the Western Washington chapter of the American Advertising Federation, serving Seattle's creative community through events, education and advocacy.


This is the pulse of AAF Seattle. What we’ve done, what we’re thinking about, what’s coming next. Tune in here for the latest scoop.

Posse Up!

AAF Seattle Administrator

AAF Posse 3.png

Over the course of the year we throw a lot of events, from Speaker Series to After Hours to the ADDY Awards and so on, but it turns out we also love going to events, and this little creative boom town is just full of meetups, parties and panels for every interest, broad and narrow.

We decided it would be fun to coordinate small groups from our own consituency to attend some of these great events held by other local organizations. Kind of a way to get people exposed to cool things, support our friends, and represent AAF Seattle while we're sharing some drinks and participating. And thus the AAF Posse was born.

We started with a small group attending the SeaTech Connect agency crawl on Capitol Hill in July. We've done more than a few outings since then, including the TechCrunch party, an AIGA event at Deloitte Digital, and another agency crawl in Pioneer Square. Attendance is fluid with people coming and going over the course of the evening and we always seem to pick up a few curious onlookers while we're at it.

We coordinate in advance through our LinkedIn group, then during the event through mobile updates via Foursquare, which we share to Twitter, as well as posts on Instagram that also broadcast to our social platforms, all using the #AAFPosse hashtag.

A huge part of what AAF Seattle is all about is connecting our community with creative opportunities, and AAF Posse has been a great way to bring that ideal to life.

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