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AAF Seattle is the Western Washington chapter of the American Advertising Federation, serving Seattle's creative community through events, education and advocacy.



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Hispanic Market Insights: Recap

AAF Seattle Administrator

A great crowd turned out for a great event. We're proud to have presented such valuable content while expanding the reach of our community. We hoped you enjoyed the subject and the company--and our new ongoing Speaker Series venue, the Pike Place Market Atrium Loft.

Thanks to Patricia Morás for moderating and Kalil Vicioso and Rebecca Lambert for their fascinating reports on the state of what has overwhelmingly been shown as a growing, complex market of eager consumers, social participants, and cultural remixers.

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Hybriculturalism. It's a Thing. Find Out More.

AAF Seattle Administrator

Thursday, April 10th, 6:00 p.m. at Pike Place Market Atrium

Thursday, April 10th, 6:00 p.m. at Pike Place Market Atrium

The hispanic market in the United States is more complex than most realize. This rich and diverse culture is more optimistic, more tech-savvy and more engaged than the average consumer. And it's growing in numbers while spreading geographically.

If you're a smart marketer, you'll want to know how to reach them effectively. If you're a not-so-bright marketer, you'll keep eating paste and won't do anything different.

Hispanic Market Insights is our next Speaker Series event, on April 10th. We've flown in Kalil Vicioso from New York City to talk about such fascinating trends as hybriculturalism. Rebecca Lambert will add a local perspective tuned with insights informed by real data. All facilitated by Patty Morás.

It's also our first event with our regular Signature Cocktail sponsor, Hand Crank Films, providing a South American rum punch for your enjoyment.

Sounds like we're all set for a great evening.

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